Posted on: November 17, 2009 11:41 pm

End the Streak. (part 2)

(First, thanks for the comments.  I'm not intentionally trying to be "controversial, I'm truly concerned that "the Streak" could get in the way of the Vikings winning a Super Bowl.  It actually made me feel a little better about things to hear the majority of you tell me this was the wrong solution.  I've just been a Vikings fan (a Minnesota sports fan, for that matter) for way too long not to look for potential landmines in our future.  This is one I see and I just think it should be addressed now so that it can potentially be avoided down the road.)

Okay, here we are.  Week 11.  Vikings are 8-1 and an awfully large percentage of the reasons why can be directly linked to Brett Favre playing quarterback.  I've softened my position somewhat on ending the streak now that we're through to the second half of the season and our offensive line has been doing a pretty good job protecting him.  Selfishly, it's just fun watching him play and knowing that on any given play, he can make something spectacular happen.  I want him on the field as much as the next guy.  Vikings fans, that is... 

But, like I said, my biggest fear is that some sort of injury that Favre could play through (say a groin pull, for instance), but that would limit his effectiveness, and worse yet, could become something season-threatening if exacerbated, could be ignored by the coaches and Favre himself with the "streak" hanging over his head.  I'm hoping that now that we've reached this point in the season and Favre can really start to see the realistic potential of reaching and winning the Super Bowl, he'll become a little more conscientious about taking care of himself for the games that really matter.

I have no idea how serious the groin is.  He just had two weeks off and didn't look any worse for the wear against the Lions this past weekend.  But, again, my argument has never been that the Vikings aren't better with him on the field.  I just want to make sure he's around when we really need him.

I think the Vikings have proven over the first ten weeks of the season that they can play with and beat anyone, anywhere.  We haven't had the most difficult schedule in the world but we've handled our business against the weaker teams and performed very well against the stronger ones.  I just want this topic out there and discussed in the public forum so that it gets addressed behind closed doors at Winter Park.  I don't want the people that need to make these decisions tip-toeing around the topic waiting for someone else to make the decision.  Childress needs to have the intestinal fortitude to take the bull by the horns and make that decision if necessary.

This has been a storybook year, so far, for the Vikings, Favre, and the fans that follow them.  Childress needs to keep that "big picture" in mind and make the tough call if necessary.  You gotta remember, noone in this town cares about Favre's streak other than him.  And who knows how much he even cares about it anymore now that he's got the record.  We're all fans of the Vikings and we want a Super Bowl.  Period.  Winning that, and only that, should be the prime decision-making factor in whether Favre plays or not.  Right now, we're still in the hunt for home-field throughout the playoffs and there's no doubt, that would be a big deal.  But, as I said earlier, I think we've shown we can compete with anyone, anywhere so if it comes down to resting Favre and possibly losing a game or keeping the streak alive and possibly losing him for the playoffs, there should be no doubt which decision should be made.  Except there's that streak thing........... 

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